Lunar Eclipse 2020: Date, timing of Chandra Grahan and will it be visible in India or not | Culture News

New Delhi: We have already witnessed two lunar eclipses in 2020 and the third one is scheduled to occur on July 5. The first lunar eclipse of 2020 happened on January 10 and the second one was just a month ago – June 5. Lunar Eclipse is commonly called Chandra Grahan in India. 

During a lunar eclipse, the earth moves between the sun and the moon. There are three types of lunar eclipse – Total lunar eclipse, partial lunar eclipse and penumbral lunar eclipse. The July 5 eclipse will be a penumbral lunar eclipse, in which the earth’s main shadow does not cover the moon. 

Penumbral Eclipse begins – 08:37 pm (IST)
Maximum Eclipse –  09:59 pm 
Penumbral Eclipse ends – 11:22:21 pm
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Will India witness the lunar eclipse?
India won’t witness the lunar eclipse this time. As per, the eclipse will be visible from South/West Europe, much of Africa, much of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.

Where to watch it live?

A number of organisations stream it live for people on Facebook. The skywatchers can also surf through YouTube channels for the live streaming of the third penumbral eclipse.

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